Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeling Inspired

I have decided to create this blog for a few reasons. One because it seems to be what's "IN", and second because I noticed that our life is changing by the minute, and mainly because I love photography and Art and I think that a blog would give me the opportunity to express myself better then with a myspace or a facebook  account.

This blog will be mainly about photography, but I will also include post about our hobbies, and daily activities with our friends and family and lots and lots of photographs of our little BOY!

I count my blessings everyday because I was thought to do it since I was a little girl. My mother always said to give thanks for everything I had and to overlook the little things that I did not. That was engraved in my heart and I am very grateful for having a mother who thought me to be thankful...Being thankful allows me to enjoy life to it's fullest by focusing on my blessings everyday, by staying positive and learning that life is all about the little moments, the smiles, and the love that we share as wives, neighbors, sisters, daughters, and mothers...


At times I might add some Spanish words, as our parents do not speak English and I am hoping that one day they get to see this blog with their own eyes.

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