Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl sunday 2010

Sunday was a very busy day for us... It began at 8:00 am when Gianmarco woke me up moving softly inside my belly. I could feel that he was as hungry as mommy, he was definetely asking for some French Toast! So I decided to reach over to my left side of the bed, finding the most amazing person in my life...Daddy to be, I shared my hunger needs and he agreed with us immediately. There were no second thoughts, we then got ready for a delicious breakfatst at Dennys... Following breakfast, we went to Lowes looking for tools that we need to finish up the baby's room. Our office is being transformed into Gianmarco's nursery, which presents a challenge to us as first time parents. We are not sure about the colors was a fun trip to the store, then when to home to get ready for the Superbowl.

As we got ready and rushing out of the house, I made sure I took my camera with me. I wanted to snap some shots of the kids while they were playing the day away. The adults were busy having fun playing dominoes, enjoying cocktails, and munching on appetizers. My goal as a photographer is to capture real life moments...and here are the results:

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