Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taylor Blake

photo shoot of Taylor Blake. As we were getting ready to shoot, I spotted these adorable cowboy boots in his room and asked Nicole if we can take pictures with those. To my surprise these boots belonged to his dad and were now being passed on to Taylor Blake. What a better prop ? These are some of the 100 pics or so I took.
Taking pictures of toddlers is always a challenge as you can not ask them to pose or do anything besides just following them around while they play and you have to ensure that they are captured in action. I really enjoy this though, because I know their parents will cherish these shots of REAL LIFE MOMENTS.

We brought Marley over to be part of the pictures (Mar-mar as he calls her).

Are these toes adorable?We removed his shoes and he did not want to walk on the grass...I guess it made him feel weird, mom says he never walks bearfooted.

I love to capture their hands and feet...they will soon grow so fast and don't want anyone to forget how cute they looked.

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